Your group has been retained to investigate an incident at the

“Court Yard Square”  Which has been locked down!  

Your Task is to investigate


 – What incident took place

 – How it happened

 – What was used

 – Who did it


How they got out with all the doors locked.

Once you enter the room you will have 45 minutes to solve the incident and access what’s in the time lock safe, before another team is retained to relieve you of your botched investigation. Can you solve the incident and escape the court yard the same way your suspect did? If you can you may keep the items in the safe for future use when you leave… 

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 Little Johnny keeps telling you about his amazing adventures. At first you think it is just his imagination going wild. When cleaning his room, you stumble upon his journal which describes the stories you have been hearing about in detail. You start to think his journey sounds too realistic to be make believe…  

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